Queen + Adam Lambert’s stage frontman Adam Lambert was recently interviewed by Brenda, Call Me’s latest episode named ‘Operator, Connect Us To Adam Lambert ‘ this week, and revealed an untold truth about his career. According to the Queen stage frontman, he would have almost been Lady Gaga’s castmate as Hamilton.

As you might remember, Lady Gaga has portrayed Ally in a movie named ‘Star Is Born’ back in 2018. Ally was a young singer that is being helped by a gay musician that struggles with alcoholism and Gaga received an Oscar nomination for ‘Best Actress for the film.

In his latest interview with ‘Nova Podcast Brenda, Call Me! With Courtney Act and Vanity,’ Adam Lambert stated that he auditioned for the role of Ramon in 2007 but could not get it and the role went to American actor and songwriter Anthony Ramos.

Here is what Adam Lambert said:

“Do you know, it’s funny, I auditioned for that part in A Star Is Born? It was so funny to me because they told me about it and they were like ‘She’s going to have like a gay best friend’ and I was like ‘Okay, that could be cute’ and then I got the script and it was like… he was a Latin American character like he was a Latino character.

You know his name was Latino, a lot of the slang that he was using, he was calling her [Gaga] ‘Mami’ and all this stuff and I was like ‘Now how is this gonna work? Should I just not go to the audition? This is not my part’.”

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