The current frontman of Queen, Adam Lambert shared a statement from the actress Raven-Symoné on Instagram claiming America was going through difficult times and emphasizing the importance of choosing the right leader.

As the election day approaching, the musicians and celebrities are using their platforms to inform their fans and followers about the social and political issues happening in America.

Queens’s current vocalist Adam Lambert has been sharing his thoughts on political problems, particularly about the actions of President Donald Trump. Adam has been openly opposing the statements of Trump often on social media.

Recently, Adam Lambert shared a post from the American actress and singer Raven-Symoné via Instagram stories. In her recent post, Raven-Symoné shared a statement about the current situation of the country and urged people to be more conscious about the candidates they would vote for.

Here’s what Raven-Symoné wrote on her statement:

“Please don’t repeat history. I know The President is entertaining and a train wreck worth watching. However, this is important to remember, this is a country screaming for help, not a reality show looking for ratings.

Don’t get swallowed by the ridiculousness. Inform yourself, do your own research and choose a candidate that has respect for themselves and all of us.”

You can see Raven-Symoné’s statement shared also by Adam Lambert via Instagram stories below.

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@joebiden your immigration plan healthcare plan, police reform plan,and belief in our country and what we should stand for is NEEDED! #stayinformed #entertainmentcantrunacountry. No one candidate is going to appease EVERYONE. It’s about finding someone with a a soul, with empathy, with a mind that stands for the betterment of all, knowing that compromise on both sides will be needed. As a country and a people we only get to pick from two mind sets, so of course their will be conflict. So before you bark at me, look at the process and how it’s set up. Right NOW we have to choose between @joebiden and a man that takes full responsibility for the success of COVID-19 and all his other hallmarks of the last 4 years. Idk I’m voting for someone who sees the unrest and wants to fix it instead of sweeping it under the rug.

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