The Cosmopolitan UK posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring Adam Lambert where they played a game of Trials and Trivialations. Lambert was asked many questions related to his own music as well as Queen, one of which he couldn’t answer.

In the video, Adam Lambert was asked a number of questions. He could answer some of the most detailed questions such as how Simon Cowell described him after his performance on the American Idol or what he wore that day.

As you might already know, Adam Lambert and the legendary rock band Queen‘s active members have been collaborating since 2011. During the game he was also asked about Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May’s middle name and here is his answer as transcribed by Metalheadzone:

“I don’t remember. I know he has told me. We’ve definitely had, like, what is your middle name conversation on the jet.”

After thinking for a while he chuckled and said:

“But I can’t recall. Sorry.”

Even though Adam Lambert couldn’t remember the answer, Brian May’s middle name is Harold.

His fans were supportive of him in the comments.

Jeffervescence wrote:

“He is cute when he knows the answers, and cuter still when he doesn’t know the answers. Frigging Adam Lambert is the best!!!”

Jame Andy said:

“As long as Adam remembers the lyrics to the songs he’s singing that’s what counts! 💚💚💚. Adam is the best ever!!!”

Marlene Malin commented:

“Too many good things happening to remember them all…❤”

You can watch the full video below.