American rock and pop star Adam Lambert shared a new video from Queen’s recent Australia tour on Instagram. He announced the release date of professional video footage for Queen’s Fire Fight Australia’s Benefit Concert!

In the caption area of the Instagram post, Adam delights fans with a highly-anticipated announcement that Queen’s Fire Fight Benefit Concert videos will be released on March 6, 2020, via their official Youtube channel.

Here’s what Adam wrote:

“The premiere of the Exclusive Full Performance of Queen’s Iconic 1985 Live Aid Set for Fire Fight Australia’s Benefit Concert! Coming to YouTube – Friday, March 6th at 10A PST / 6P BST.”

In the comment section of the post, Adam Lambert fans wrote what actually they want from him. An Instagram user and Adam Lambert fan, Mike, wrote:

“I wish you’d go back to just a soloist and do your own music.”

Another fan called Laura said:

“I’m with Mike but I want an album of all the songs you performed on American Idol ❤️”

Melissa Marie, who is a die-hard Adam Lambert fan, said:

“I love that you’ve toured with Queen! The concert was amazing. Thanks to you I got to see my favorite band perform. You’re amazing! I love your solo work too 💖”

Another fan said:

“Please do a solo tour of New Zealand! Loved seeing you with Queen in Dunedin recently but would love even more to see you performing your own amazing music 😍😍😍”

Zelda Jane said:

“We need it like a drug, sir.”

You can reach the original Instagram post below.