Queen’s current fronting star and one of the most famous phenomena of our community, Adam Lambert, has shared a sincere photo of himself with his bandmate and drummer of Queen, Roger Taylor, via his official Twitter account.

From time to time, Adam Lambert shares very special poses with his bandmates on social media and saying sincere words for them with these photos.

Today, Adam has posted yet another photo with Roger Taylor on Twitter. Frankly, they were looking very close and sincere in this photo. Also, Adam Lambert managed to be different again thank his bizarre sunglasses.

Here’s what he wrote with this pose:


A fan named Escorpio Velvet commented:

“Don’t Stop them now! Someone’s having a good time.”

Another fan named Chrissy Conley liked this photo and wrote this:

“All smiles together with Roger, Adam!! Cute photo.”

You can see the new tweet of Adam lambert right below.