Queen’s current fronting member Adam Lambert took his official Instagram account to show his support to the black people again and shared a bit of advice to take attention to the protests.

In the post, Adam stated that people should have never been silent in these rough times, and they should continue to inform the others about the current situation. Also, Adam said that we shouldn’t spend a penny or sell anything in order to take attention to racism these days.

Here is the caption of the post that Adam shared:

“Remove the #blacklivesmatter from your post (it’s spamming the tag with black photos with no info of the movement)

Do not go silent! Keep posting and informing others.

Do not spend a single dollar! And do not sell!”

A fan named Steph added this comment:

“So proud of you Adam! Your voice needs to be heard and we will all stand behind you every step of the way! ❤️”

Another fan user named Demi wrote:

“I changed the hashtag on my post! thank you for sharing this 💓”

You can check out the post below.

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