Queen’s current fronting member Adam Lambert has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account while hanging out with another man.

As you can see in the picture below, Adam took a selfie with well-known model Mickey Yerger, and post this frame on the Instagram Stories. Adam was looking so great with his claret red jacket and stunned his fans with his pose.

After sharing this, most of the fans were wondering if Adam has a new relationship now and his ex-boyfriend Javi Costa Polo is still silent after this post. Adam didn’t write any caption on the post but we can say that he really liked this picture.

You can check the picture below.

In February, Adam Lambert has shared another photo of himself and drummer of Queen, Roger Taylor, on the official Instagram account and mesmerized his fans with a cool pose.

In the picture, he was wearing huge and bizarre sunglasses that you will definitely like. Also, he seemed like he was enjoying his free time with Roger. Click here for the details.