During a recent appearance on ‘Kaaos Tv,’ the current fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert, talked about his latest solo album ‘Velvet’ and his current position as the frontman of the band.

As we all know, Adam Lambert took the stage with drummer Roger Taylor, and guitarist Brian May for the ‘We Are The Champions‘ performance at the American Idol in May 2009.

In 2011, they reunited at the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast, Ireland to sing the band’s iconic hits named ‘Show Must Go On,’ ‘We Will Rock You,’ and ‘We Are The Champions.’

Finally, Lambert officially became a member of the band, after touring at European and North American Tour with Queen in 2014.

While talking about the band, Adam Lambert said that it was an absolute honor to perform with Queen and singing these iconic songs with them is a gift for himself.

When asked if he was completely nervous when he started his first tour with Queen, Adam said that he was nervous in his first touring experience with them, but he did not feel nervous after 8 years.

Here’s what Adam Lambert stated:

“It’s an absolute honor to be singing Queen music for fans all around the world. These songs are so famous and so huge and this band is so iconic, and so to take the stage with them always feels like a real opportunity and a real gift that I’ve been given.

And I love Brian and Roger — they are so easy to work with — and we have fun. It’s a big family feel now. And we’ve been doing this for eight years, and I love that I continue to have the opportunity to tour with them.”

He continued:

“In the beginning, I was definitely was. Yes, absolutely. And now what’s so nice is that we’re eight years in, and now I don’t get nervous. And so it’s really helped my confidence and it’s really given me a sense of accomplishment working with them.”

You can watch the full interview via Youtube below.

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