One of the most talented musicians of our era and current fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert has posted a really strange ‘Boomerang’ video of himself, when he was weirdly dancing on the stage, via his official Twitter account.

Adam Lambert was looking very energic and funny in the video. Also, he captioned a short message with this footage. He didn’t forget to give information about his silver heels too.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Love my Syro silver heels! shirt and trouser set by @SiesMarjan.”

A user named playingwithu wrote:

“One of the things I most loved about it was it felt like you were just wearing what you would wear to a house party you were throwing for your friends, & we were all invited to jam with you.

It didn’t feel like a costume. It felt real & authentic, as did your whole performance!”

Another user named Tracey commented:

“Everything about this whole outfit is bloody stunning! Made perfect by you wearing it. No one would look as good as you, these were made for you.”

You can see the tweet and watch the video of Adam Lambert below.