The iconic new-age star and current fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert, shared a new photo on his Instagram Stories to pay his tribute to late Queen legend Freddie Mercury.

You might check out the photo right below that, Freddie looks pretty cool wearing a navy hat, and this great work has been done by Bele Guiza of Sang Bleu Los Angeles.

As far as we know, Adam does not have any Freddie Mercury or Queen tattoos on his body, but that recent post may indicate that he may consider making in the future.

Here is the caption of the tattoo he shared:

“Bohemian Rhapsody plays loudly in the background* Amazing portrait of Freddie Mercury by our artist Bele Guiza. 💥

Contact him directly for a future appointment or Email: for info and bookings. Do not copy. Repost with credit.”

An Instagram user named bettymoss161 commented on the post:

“This is so awesome. 🔥🔥”

You might check out the Instagram Stories post and Instagram photo, which was liked by Adam below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram Stories