The fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert has shared a live performance video from the recent show of young musician Benedict Cork on Twitter. After he watched that video, Adam liked his performance.

Adam showed his respect to that young rockstar, and said:

“So talented!!!”

A fan named Carlita responded:

“Yaaaasss!!! 😍❤ Thank you for introducing him to me when he did a gig in LA a few years ago and you put him in your ig story! He’s amazing! Hope to see him again next week. Oooh can I nominate Ben to be your support when you tour Velvet? 💚😉😍😘💚 That would be so awesome 😁😉”

Check out Adam Lambert’s tweet below.

If you want to watch the performance, check it out below.

A fan named Romina has revealed the special photo of Adam Lambert with Benedict in the comment section of that tweet. You can see it below.