The protests against police brutality and the unfair treatment towards the people of color have been increasingly continued in America. Queen‘s current frontman, Adam Lambert also reacted against the hatred in a recent Instagram post: unfollow me if u can’t accept this.

After the tragic death of the 46-year-old African American man, George Floyd, people have been demonstrating on the streets to raise their voices. Additionally, on social media platforms, many artists and celebrities shared posts to support this action.

Adam posted the picture of a powerful open letter showing his reaction against the hatred he saw on the comments from his followers:

“I’m scanning through the comments of this post and am appalled by the handful of ignorant, right-wing, tone-deaf comments that snowball into negative arguments. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but there are a few of you that are no longer welcome on my feed. To be clear: I’m not supporting violence and destruction, I am supporting the right to be enraged… to refuse to bow down.

When it comes to matters of human rights, I refuse to support any opposition. Anyone that responds to Black Lives Matter w ‘All lives matter’ is an asshole. You should know why that’s problematic by now. If you don’t, quit looking at my posts and educate yourself.”

On a recent Instagram post, Adam shared this long statement about his thoughts on the recent protests across the country. Also in the caption, he reacted against the Trump supporters and wrote:

Unfollow me if u can’t accept this. Please. You’re not welcome. I’ll be blocking… Also. Trump is a complete joke. Fuck him. I don’t care what political party you associate with, but that man isn’t a leader, he’s a liability, a liar and cancer on this country’s flag.”

You can see Adam Lambert’s recent Instagram post below: