On social media, Queen’s talented frontman Adam Lambert reacted to the manipulated video of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden fell asleep during a TV interview shared by White House social media director Dan Scavino

As the race between current president Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accelerated, their campaigns also become more aggressive. Donald Trump has been receiving criticism from many people for sharing wrong or fake information about the crucial subject, such as Covid-19 and the upcoming presidential election.

As you might recall, last month, Twitter labeled a video tweeted by President Trump as having ‘manipulated media‘ for the first time. However, Trump and the managers of his campaign haven’t stopped sharing misleading footage or false information related to his opponent Joe Biden.

Recently on Instagram, Queen’s current singer Adam Lambert reacted to a manipulated video of Joe Biden posted by White House social media director Dan Scavino on his Twitter account. As you will see below, the video combines Hilary Clinton’s interview from August 28th, during which Joe Biden is looking down for a while, with the video of singer Harry Belafonte falling asleep on live TV back in 2011. The even added snoring sound effects on the background of the video to make it more convincing.

Although some people realized the video was altered, others believed it was actually footage of Joe Biden falling asleep in a TV interview. Known as a politically active musician, Adam Lambert didn’t remain silent on the issue and shared the fake video with his fans to inform them about the reality. Adam also stated that these sorts of actions should have been illegal.

Here’s how Adam Lambert reacted to the manipulated video of Joe Biden:

“Yikes. Wake up is right! This should be illegal.”

You can see Adam Lambert’s post via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram

You can watch the video that Adam Lambert reacted on his Instagram account below.