The current fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert, has continued to share interesting videos on his official Instagram account but this time, he posted a video from TikTok for showing his reaction to it.

In the Instagram Stories, Adam Lambert shared a funny video of a TikTok user named Megaroni and reacted to an imaginary scenario that he’s not gay and dated with a girl in high school.

Adam Lambert wrote a funny caption on this video:

“I’m dying hahaha.”

In the TikTok video, Megan said these:

“Put a finger down if when you were in high school, your friends became friends with this girl who has long story short was secretly dating Adam Lambert.

They’ve met at American Idol auditions and he wasn’t gay!”

You can see the Instagram post of Adam and listen to the statement of Megan below.

Click here to watch the long version of Megan’s video.