On a recent Twitter post, Queen’s current fronting member Adam Lambert has shared his reaction to Donald Trump’s comment about the ‘AIDS vaccine’ and criticized him once again.

Famous actress Chelsea Handler uploaded a video of Trump, which was saying that they find a vaccine of AIDS, and mocked him in a brilliant way.

After seeing this, Adam replied to this post and used the f-word. Adam stated that he has no idea what he is saying and criticized the way Trump talks all the time.

Here is what Chelsea Handler said:

“Don’t forget about AIDS, everyone. There’s a very special AIDS vaccine coming from your president. He’s solved AIDS.”

Adam Lambert replied:

“What the f*ck is he talking about?”

A fan named Wendy wrote:

“I just think he makes up shit on the cuff just to hear himself talk. He has no damn clue what he is saying and that’s part of what makes him so damn dangerous.”

You can check out the post below.