Queen + Adam Lambert frontman in addition to his solo career, Adam Lambert shared a post on his official Twitter page and reacted to a video clip from Queen’s iconic 1985 Live Aid performance, in which Freddie Mercury was singing their legendary song ‘Radio Gaga.’

As you may know, Live Aid was a benefit concert held on July 13, 1985, and the event was held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium, attended by about 72,000 people, and John F. Kennedy Stadium, attended by 89,484 people.

It was one of the largest-scale television broadcasts of all time; an estimated audience of 1.9 billion, across 150 nations, watched the live broadcast, nearly 40% of the world population at the time. Some of the most iconic musicians and bands performed for Live Aid including Phil Collins, Sting, U2, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Elton John, and Paul McCartney.

While it was a huge concert that consisted of huge stars, Queen’s performance was one of the most iconic ones, thanks to Freddie Mercury’s killer vocals and stage presence. Every single performance of their iconic songs in the show, still to this day, is being listened to by Queen fans.

Since Live Aid is monumental for Queen fans, a fan page shared a video clip on Twitter while Queen was performing their legendary song ‘Radio Gaga’ and the enormous crowd was clapping their hands, mesmerized meanwhile Freddie Mercury was performing.

Here is what the fan page stated in the caption of Mercury’s video:

“Stan Freddie Mercury.”

Queen’s current touring lead singer Adam Lambert also shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to that epic video of Freddie Mercury. Lambert expressed his love and admiration for Freddie with two heart emojis.

Here is what Lambert shared:

“💕 ❤️ “

You can see the Twitter post below.