Adam Lambert had a recent interview with Kitty Robson of Hunger TV and revealed the latest information about his new album and how does it feel like working with legendary Queen.

Kitty Robson:

“How has your experience with Queen changed you as a musician? What should people expect from your tour with Queen?

Adam Lambert:

“I think the power of the songs is that their timelines – they didn’t really follow any trends, they experimented with different sounds and musical styles – they were fearless.

I’ve always enjoyed that side of things – they are proof it works. Playing to huge audiences all around the world and seeing them sing along and understanding the power of music is transformative to a person. It’s uniting, everyone sings along – it’s bringing an entire arena together which in today’s world is pure magic.

We’re trying new visual components and trying to re-contextualize these songs, with new lights and scenery. We had a great time creating it together. People always ask if we want to record together and I’m not sure it makes total sense because it wouldn’t really be Queen because to me Queen is Freddie.

My favorite thing is collaborating and putting these concerts together and creating on stage – it’s super fulfilling and exiting. To present these ideas to these two gentlemen – especially when they like the idea!”

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