The current fronting member of the legendary band Queen, Adam Lambert, has recently shared a video of himself on Twitter and answered a question he got from a follower, which drove him nuts.

As you would remember, Adam Lambert has been in the spotlight due to his bold statements quite often. But today, he was shocked after getting a weird question about his personality. Adam responded to this fan with a smile even though it was a malicious question and showed how a kind person he is.

As you will see in the video below, Adam was filming himself answering a follower’s question:

“Are you more girly or manly?”

Lambert‘s answer wasn’t a surprising one to us all:

“What kinda fucking question is that?”

Adam’s fans also showed him their support with their comments, a Twitter user named Catnip Honey wrote:

“You are whatever you want to be whenever you want to be….and I love that so much. You are you. Don’t ever stop.”

A fan of Adam, named Kathleen Wimpelberg wrote:

“What does that mean?!? Last I remember, you said you were Adam Lambert, proud to be a human! That’s all I need to know about you!”

Another fan named Diane Miller also stated:

“Why do people think they have the right to ask a celebrity anything? I don’t understand. Especially personal.”

Check out the video Adam Lambert shared below.