One of the most talented singers of our era and the current frontman of Queen, Adam Lambert had a new interview with SiriusXM and revealed that if he Freddie would be alive, he is okay with not being in a gig with current Queen members.

Here are his statements, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar:

“And the thing that I’ve heard from them over and over again that makes me really happy is that they say, ‘We think you actually would get a kick out of each other. Freddie probably would have bantered well with you. You probably would have, like, enjoyed each other’s company.’

“And hearing that – that means a lot. And that’s really important because I think, unintentionally, I hope that I’m bringing some of his spirit to the table. Some similar taste for life and sense of humor and point of view.

“I do feel like there’s some parallel there… And I just wish I’d known him. I wish he were alive so I didn’t even have the gig, you know? Like, he was amazing. But I’m thrilled to take the gig and I’m thrilled to be in this incredible, honorable thing that I get to do. It’s great.”

You can watch the interview below.

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