Queen + Adam Lambert star made a recent interview Shaun Kitchener of The Daily Sunday Express and revealed the most complex song he’s ever faced to.

Here is the story:

Lambert has been performing with Queen for many years, and will soon be doing so again when their Rhapsody Tour travels around North America. Now, appearing on RuPaul’s new US chatshow, the superstar was asked which of the iconic Freddie Mercury hits is the toughest to sing, on a technical level.

According to Lambert, Bohemian Rhapsody is not the hardest song to sing for him. Instead, he thinks The Show Must Go On is the real deal.

Here is the rest of it:

“When host RuPaul asked if it’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Lambert considered: “That is a big one.

“And Who Wants To Live Forever is a big sing.”

But the one he identified as the most challenging is another sweeping epic.

“The Show Must Go On is the killer,” he said. “That one doesn’t stop. It just keeps going!”

When RuPaul asked how he takes care of his voice, Lambert joked: “Denial!”

He added: “I mean, water, sleep, if I need to [do vocal rest] I’ll be silent for a day.

“And if all else fails, a shot of tequila!”

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