Queen’s current fronting member Adam Lambert criticized the government by sharing a new post on the Instagram Stories and claimed that they are targetting the LGBTQ community.

Adam replied to the fan named DeSimone and stated that the current administration is against the civil rights of the LGBTQ members. Furthermore, Adam explained why he is showing his political point of view even though he is at risk of losing his fan base.

Adam said that these acts of the government are directly effecting himself and the people he loves, and this is why he has been so loud about this problem. In this way, he explained why he is supporting Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Moreover, Adam clarified that he doesn’t want any fan who does not care about LGBTQ rights because it goes completely different from his beliefs and showed his stance against the people who have LGBTQ phobia.

A fan named DeSimone added this comment:

“Don’t like you anymore. 😢”

Here is what Adam Lambert said:

“Because I’m concerned for the well being of our society in America? Mmmmm. Welp.”

Another fan named Lee replied:

“We all have the right to voice our opinion, support the candidate of our choice and vote according to our conscience.

And it is a difficult decision as a celebrity to become active in politics and risk losing fans. I may not completely agree with those views but respect being able to have the option to express them openly without retribution. Still a fan!”

Adam Lambert wrote:

“Yes but please realize that the current administration has actively and repeatedly targeted the civil rights of the LGBTQ community. That directly effects me and people I love.

So I have made a choice to support and campaign for a ticket that will help reverse these types of unethical moves. If that loses me fans…

I don’t want a fan who doesn’t support the LGBTQ communities rights and protections. It goes directly against my core beliefs.”

You can check out the post below and read the conversation below.

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