The current fronting musician of Queen, Adam Lambert shared a new tweet on his official and verified Twitter account today.

As you will read the tweet of Adam below, he tagged his long-time friend and famous TV host, Sway Calloway on the post and revealed that he likes to chat with him.

Here is what he wrote:

“SO fun chatting with @RealSway !! Hear my never-before-heard studio recording of “Superpower” on the Rewarding Rhythms mixtape on @pandoramusic , powered by @Discover .”

You can see Adam’s tweet below.

Last week, the Spanish model and Adam’s boyfriend, Javi Costa Polo has posted a new photo on his official Instagram page. He showed his body with no pants on his bed.

Javi’s celebrity boyfriend, live singer of Queen, Adam Lambert liked that photo, but he didn’t write any comment over it.

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