Queen’s currently fronting star, Adam Lambert posted a recent video on his verified and official Instagram page today and shared the astonishing moments he had last night in Worcester.

As Adam reposted the video of a fan page named @anamglambert, he chose not to write so many things in the caption. His ex-boyfriend Javi Costa Polo didn’t like the post and didn’t write anything in the comments.

Here is the caption:

“So much fun last night in Worcester!

#superpower #velvet”

A user named jodibettarel commented:

“See you next Friday- in the Palm Springs area-Blessings & Enjoy your journey. 💕🎵🎶💕”

Another user, felipestgalvao wrote this:

“The setlist of this show was simply AMAZING! I was very happy that you put Feel Something, Belive, Lay me Down and Please come home for Christmas! It was AMAZING! And one more thing.

WHAT AMAZING ACOUSTIC VERSION OF IF I HAD YOU! You need to record an acoustic album with her at this rate! I LOVE YOU!”

Check out the video right below.