The lead singer of Queen + Adam Lambert alongside his successful solo career, Adam Lambert, shared a humorous post on his official Twitter page about a new treatment for COVID-19, it’s golfing.

Adam Lambert mostly uses his official Twitter page in order to promote his projects with Queen, especially a recent one, Live Around The World, to support foundations and raise awareness, talk about his opinions on politics, show his support to the LGBTQ+ community.

This time, Lambert shared a post about COVID-19 and made a humorous comment on the epidemic. He said we will be hearing an upcoming therapy for the coronavirus and it will be golfing.

Here is what Adam Lambert said about COVID-19:

“Next we are going to hear a great therapy for Covid is Golfing.”

Since golfing is a sport many people identify with rich people and it is projected as it is not affordable in the movies, and tv shows, also not a common hobby for ordinary people, some fans were offended by this comment and were quite angry at Lambert while some others found it hilarious since it was a sarcastic comment on coronavirus and how the world is handling it.

You can see the Twitter post below.