Queen + Adam Lambert frontman who is considered one of the most talented vocalists of the current era, Adam Lambert, was the latest guest of ‘Good Morning Britain’ which is a weekday morning program and talked about the presidency days of Donald Trump.

As you might already know, yesterday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially take charge of the United States Presidency as well as the social media accounts of the White House. In his latest conversation with ‘Good Morning Britain,’ Adam Lambert admitted that every single day was a disaster during the presidency of Trump.

While Adam stated that Trump’s administration was just bad at all besides his decisions in the coronavirus outbreak. However, Adam believes that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead the way and they will put together a proper cabinet together.

Here is what Adam Lambert said:

“Ever since the election, I’ve been just trying to tune out the chaos that is Trump. Obviously we can’t fully ignore him given what happened at the Capitol, but I just hope that the public and the media don’t give him nearly as much attention as he’s been whoring about. How many people did Trump fire in four years?

It was a disaster from day one, not just this last year since COVID. So I think that with Biden and Harris leading the way here, I think they’re going to put together an appropriate cabinet to make the changes that we need to heal the country, to help combat the COVID crisis.”

You can watch the sequences from the interview below.

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