Queen’s current live vocalist Adam Lambert criticized the election system in the United States of America by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed the similarities with a presidential run and reality shows.

In the tweet, Adam was saying that there should be a psych evaluation to compete in the reality shows and wondered if that is required the same while somebody is running for the Presidency.

In this way, Adam was telling how bad the system is right now while criticizing the election system. He stated that running for the presidency is sort of a high-pressure gig and said that the politicians could be dangerous for the people.

Here is what Adam Lambert said:

“In order to compete on reality shows, there’s usually a required psych evaluation. Can we find out if that’s required when running for office? Particularly the Presidency? I mean… It’s sorta a high-pressure gig.”

A fan user named Kat replied:

“Reality shows don’t care have you seen some of the scary people on them?”

Adam Lambert replied:

“Right, but they have to make sure they’re not a danger to themselves or others.”

You can read the tweets below.