Queen’s current live vocalist Adam Lambert showed his support to the black people once again by sharing a new post on the official Instagram account and made a new movement about the protest.

In the post, Adam invited the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and Adam said that he invited him to the Black Lives Matter protests. Also, Adam wrote that they will be there for sure and asked to the mayor that if he will be there or not.

While Adam showing his support to the anti-racist protests, the fans also supported him by liking over 10K times and leaving comments inside the post.

Here is what Adam Lambert captioned:

“Mayor Garcetti,

You have been invited to the Black Lives Matter town hall, we know you received our invitation, I DM’d you one as well. We will be there. Will you?”

A fan named Wendy added this comment:

“Thank you, Adam. I love that you use your voice for positive social change. 👏”

Another fan named Carter said:

“Proud of you & your friends Adam! I hope the mayor answers & attends!”

You can check out the post below.