Queen’s current live vocalist Adam Lambert responded to a fan’s tweet that claiming to support the politicians who reinforced racism and homophobia was a valid reason to end a friendship and agreed with the idea even if he used to enjoy a good debate.

As you may know, Adam Lambert is known for being the first openly gay musician to reach number one on the Billboard 200 album chart with his solo work ‘Trespassing.’ Adam is also the founder of the Feel Something Foundation which is a non-profit organization in support of LGTBQ+ human rights.

Recently on Twitter, Lambert received a tweet from a fan sharing a graphic about having a discussion with a friend about social or political matters that had a personal effect on one of the parties. The graphic presented a conversation between two people.

One of them suggested that it was okay to disagree on politics and still be friends; while the other one stated that a friend shouldn’t be supporting certain people and their policies that oppressed their friends.

As a response to the fan’s tweet, Adam Lambert wrote a short statement claiming he usually loved to have a good debate on politics which might be a ‘agree to disagree’ situation. However, Adam also stated that some issues were only right or wrong, and supporting people who committed a crime against humanity was certainly a valid reason to end a friendship.

Here’s what Adam Lambert stated in his latest tweet:

“Some political issues are definitely ‘agree to disagree.’ I love a good debate. However, there are other issues that come down to right and wrong – denying people their human rights and reinforcing racism, homophobia, and xenophobia?! Crimes against humanity aren’t debatable.”

You can see the tweet Adam Lambert posted on his Twitter account below.