The current fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert, has shared an interesting photo of himself on his official Instagram account.

As you can see in the photo below, Adam Lambert was looking very sincere inside of the blue sweater and he didn’t forget to wear his yellow-colored sunglasses. He was closing his mouth with the collar of his sweater for protection himself from the coronavirus.

Also, Adam has continued to make new statements about the coronavirus on his social media account and talked about how we can protect ourselves from the virus.

Here’s the statement of Adam Lambert:

“Thinking of everyone affected by Covid -19. Stay vigilant and stay home… but let’s hold on to our joy as best we can.

Call an old friend! Binge-watch! Sing! Dance! Eat an Orange. Also…. liquid Chlorophyll and Wellness Formula!”

A user named Debi Yeates commented:

“I have to go to work-I’m a nurse and we have to keep going😬😳😷.”

Another user named Adam Lambert page wrote a meaningful comment:

“And most importantly: listen to Adam Lambert!💚”

You can reach the Instagram post of him right below.