Queen’s current fronting member, Adam Lambert, revealed why he is hopeful about the future of the United States of America by sharing a new post on his official Instagram Stories.

For over a year, Adam Lambert is trying to be a voice for the people who need help to make their issues heard about the injustice they face every single day. First of all, Adam established a new foundation to support LGBTQ rights, The Feel Something Foundation.

Later on, Adam showed his support to the black people who are protesting the police violence and racism problem in the country. Adam even attended the protests in real life and proved that he really cares about these problems in the United States.

Even though these problems are saddening Adam, he showed why he is hopeful about the future of the country by sharing a 4-minute-long video of a famous politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In this way, he showed how inspiring person she is and said that she is giving hope for the political future of the country.

Here is what Adam Lambert captioned:

“Gives me hope for our political future. Speak it Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!”

You can check out the post of Adam and watch the speech of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram