Queen‘s talented frontman Adam Lambert shared the video of President Trump via Instagram stories responding to a reporter’s question about the mail-in ballots and warned the fans about being careful making their decision.

The current vocalist of Queen, Adam Lambert, has been showing his reaction to President Trump and his statements often on social media. Since the election day is approaching, many celebrities like Adam, who oppose Donald Trump, are trying to inform their fans about before making their decision.

As you may know, the state of Nevada recently approved mailing ballots to all of the registered voters. On Instagram, Adam Lambert posted a video of Donald Trump answering the questions of a reporter about his comment on mail-in ballots saying ‘voting by mail is an invitation to fraud.’

However, the reporter asserted that Trump might have thought that if more people were able to vote, the chance of him winning might have decreased. Adam also claimed that he was actually lying and wanted the Trump supporters to take a look at the video and make a further research.

Here’s what Adam Lambert stated on the caption of his Instagram story:

“Anyone who supports Trump, please do your research and be smart. Please. He lies!

You can see the video Adam Lambert shared via Instagram stories below.

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