Queen‘s current frontman Adam Lambert was involved in an interesting request by a famous Youtuber named Sarah Schauer who wanted to have her picture photoshopped with Lambert’s and he couldn’t remain silent about the result.

As you might know, the Queen’s vocalist Adam Lambert has been using his social media accounts quite actively. He often uses these platforms to reach out to his fans as well as show his personal reaction to certain political and social matters.

Recently on Twitter, Sara Schauer, a popular Youtuber, posted her and Adam Lambert’s black and white photo and asked her followers to photoshop them together claiming she would send $3 who could help her out.

Her tweet received many responses from her fans and followers sending various photoshopped photos of her and Adam Lambert. One of them was combining Adam’s face with Sarah’s hair which had a rather weird look. Sarah reacted to the photo simply saying ‘Jesus.’

Adam Lambert couldn’t remain silent seeing this photoshopped picture of himself having Sarah’s hairstyle and responded to her tweet with a comment saying:

Oh my my. I’m feeling it.

You can see Adam Lambert’s photo and his reaction on Twitter below.