Adam Lambert, alongside being the lead singer of Queen + Adam Lambert and having a successful solo career, added another profession to his portfolio and apparently, his fans now have the opportunity to see him using his acting skills for an episode of the new Showtime sitcom named ‘Moonbase 8.’ 

‘Moonbase 8’ is a series about three subpar astronauts in one of several NASA moon base training simulators located in Arizona, hopefully in order to be the crew selected by NASA to travel to the actual Moonbase, whose construction is nearing completion.

Adam Lambert plays a trainee at a separate space training facility nearby. Their outpost, which is run by SpaceX, is prepping the trio for a mission to Mars with a lot more style and competence than the lead triumvirate’s NASA mission.

Lambert‘s first substantial non-musical character is described as a ‘cocky Tesla employee who isn’t impressed by anything at the NASA facility,’ by Inverse’s Nadja Sayej, who also states that Lambert ‘brings a burst of star power to save the show from any stretch of boredom.’

Adam Lambert actually opened up about the role himself while streaming live on his official Instagram page back in September and stated that working with such comedians was such a joy and constantly stated that it was extremely fun.

Here is what Lambert said:

“It’s one episode. It’s like a guest star thing. I had so much fun filming it and the stars of the show are hilarious. It was really really fun, working with comedians, that was like, it was such a treat. I had so much fun doing it.

It’s one episode and I don’t know when it air actually. I think the show starts in November and I don’t know what episode number it is either but when I find out I’ll let you guys know.”

You can click here to see the source and see the trailer where Lambert appears around the 0:34 mark below.