On Twitter, the current frontman of Queen, Adam Lambert, shared a tweet about Kanye West‘s presidential nomination and wondered if he would run as a ‘Democratic’ or ‘Republican’ candidate.

As you might recall, the famous rapper Kanye West announced that he is running for president in the 2020 US election with a tweet on his official Twitter account. The news of his possible nomination was a surprise for everyone and aroused curiosity about the details. However, since the announcement, Kanye has been silent about the situation.

Recently on Twitter, Queen vocalist Adam Lambert shared his thoughts on Kanye West’s candidacy for president and wanted to know some details about it. Adam was curious about whether Kanye would run as a Democratic or Republican candidate. Moreover, he stated making any guesses might not be possible considering the unpredictable personality of the rap star.

Here’s what Adam Lambert wrote about the presidential nomination of Kanye West:

Wait so… this whole Kanye stunt… has he said if he’s run as a democratic or republican candidate? Cuz at this point- no assumptions should be made.

You can see the tweet Adam Lambert posted on his official Twitter account below.