The current performing frontman of Queen and an actor, Adam Lambert has acutely criticized the conservative media after the news which tried to misrepresent Kamala Harris, who is Joe Biden’s pick for vice-president, came out.

Joe Biden’s running mate and California senator, Kamala Harris has been under the attack of Donald Trump and the conservative media for a while now. After Biden named Harris as his running mate on Tuesday, which made her the first Black woman on a major US party’s presidential ticket, Trump and the media began to accuse her through several claims.

Kamala Harris, whose mother was born in India and father was born in Jamaica, was alleged with a theory that she doesn’t grant birthright citizenship. The media attempted to create doubts about Harris’ eligibility based on her parents’ immigration status. Also, Trump embittered the case by saying the rumors are serious and called Harris a madwoman and extraordinarily nasty.

However, the theory based on Kamala Harris’ citizenship proved false. The fact has been revealed that she was born in Oakland, California, and is eligible for both the vice-presidency and presidency under the constitutional requirements. The biased media has begun to accept the incorrectness of their news and apologize to Kamala Harris.

As lots of citizens, Adam Lambert has declared his opinion about the political issue that has stormed through the USA lately. Lambert criticized the media who called Kamala Harris not warm enough and too angry. He said that the men we currently have in office are evil incarnate and we need such women as Kamala who may straighten out the mess we are in.

Adam also retweeted one of his fans’ tweet in which the fan said, as opposed to the views of media, Kamala is very authentic along with Biden. Lambert agreed and said both Kamala and Biden feel very approachable and compassionate. In another tweet, he shared a gif in which he flips the supporters of Trump out.

Here is what Adam Lambert said in one of his latest tweets:

“Yuck! Why is the conservative media criticizing Kamala for not being ‘warm‘ enough? ‘Too angry’?! Politics in 2020 is not a pageant. The men we currently have in office are evil incarnate!! Can we focus on the facts and if they can straighten out the mess we are in? Priorities!”

A fan of Lambert said in a tweet he replied:

Not warm enough? What a really weird and inaccurate thing for Republicans to call Kamala. That is one of the things I noticed first about Kamala Harris, how very warm and congenial she comes off. Very authentic. It’s a quality both she and Joe Biden exude. You can’t fake that.”

Adam replied and said:

“I agree! They both feel very approachable and compassionate.”

In another tweet Adam Lambert shared a gif in which he flips the supporters of Trump out and said:

“To all Trumpers

You can see the tweets below.