Adam Lambert, who is the live performance singer of rock giant Queen, shared on the Instagram stories a meaningful post about the gender and ethnic identities to display his stance for the coming presidential election.

From the moment he first appeared in the music industry, Adam Lambert has proudly presented his unique identity together with his sexual preferences and developed his own style. Now he seems even more clear about himself and what he demands from his fans than ever before.

Lambert showed on his Instagram account that he stands against Trump who is known for his discriminative manner and injurious words about different nations and the people who freely choose their gender identity in America.

Adam Lambert shared an Instagram user’s post, in which the message ‘a vote for Trump is a vote against me’ is emphasized, on his stories lately. With this action, he took up a position against the fans who support Trump.

You can see the original post Adam Lambert shared below.

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a vote for trump is a vote against me. (read whole caption!!) — disclaimer: i ONLY claim the identity of the first four. The last 6 do NOT apply to me, haven, and i would never appropriate a race, sexuality, or an identity that isn’t mine to claim. feel free to repost the ones that apply to you — Politics aren’t “just politics.” They dictate the rights and dignities of people when it comes to the aspects of themselves they cannot change. I was sitting here thinking about intersectionality and how on so many levels, a vote for Trump is a vote against me and who i am. I, as a Latina, as a woman, as a survivor, and as the product of immigrants, am disrespected every time someone supports Trump. I know there are many more people with way more intersections on identity than I have so that’s why I made the additional 6 graphics. Everyone has the right for their identity to be recognized proudly. — Let your “friends” know that the politics of rights and freedoms can’t be separated from “friendship.” Anyone that would vote for a man who disrespects your very existence is not a true friend of yours. — also PLEASE PLEASE go sign the petition in my latest post 🙂

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