One of the most talented stars of the century and also currently fronting Queen in their live shows, Adam Lambert, was recently interviewed by BBC Sound’s ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’ podcast and talked about Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Whether the whole Queen members avoid comparing Adam Lambert with the late legend of the band, Freddie Mercury, lots of fans argue on if Adam is the replacement of Freddie. Last month, Adam has made yet another special interview and said he doesn’t want to do an impersonation, and accepted that Freddie and he are two different personalities.

In his latest interview with BBC Sound, Adam has repeated his thoughts on the comparison and stated that Freddie is irreplaceable and there is no such thing as replacing him. Adam also shared the story of how Queen’s members relieved him on not being worried about how Freddie did it on the record.

Here is what Adam told:

“Right away, when this first started about seven years ago, I was so excited and anxious to get on stage with these guys, but I remember I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh, wow! Will the fans accept this? How is the band gonna accept me?

And one of the first conversations we had was what their expectations were, and they said right away, ‘Please, just make it your own. You don’t have to worry about exactly how Freddie did it on the record.‘ And that was a green light to me to just make sure that I didn’t mimic him — that’s not what they were interested in.”

Adam continued:

“We all agreed that there’s no replacing Freddie — he’s irreplaceable. So one of the things that we’ve done is feature him in the show. We have his voice and video playing on the show, and it’s very exciting. It keeps the fans realizing that this is a celebration.

For the first couple of years, it was finding that balance between making it my own and then sort of not straying too far from the original spirit. And once I figured out that balance, that’s when it really started to take off, I think.”

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