Queen’s current stage frontman Adam Lambert posted a couple of unseen photos of him today and revealed his passion for dressing up while showing the latest frames after his little photoshoot from his house.

As you might already remember from our recently shared articles, Adam is promoting the upcoming live event of him for some time. According to his latest statement, he collaborated with ‘Pride Live’ for his ‘Feel Something Foundation‘ last month and one of his lucky fans will have a chance to meet him at the 2021 Stonewall Day Celebration on June 6th.

After he was sending regular posts about ‘Stonewall Day’ for some time, today, he shared a couple of other photos from his recently made photoshoot and revealed his passion for fashion since he was a little kid.

Right after sharing his recent photos, over 70K followers of Adam pushed the like button to show their admiration for him, including his ex-boyfriend Javi Costa Polo. According to the caption, the photos were taken by Maxwell Poth, his hair was made by Dustin Baker and his makeup artist is Jacob Vega.

Here is what’s written in the caption:

“Ever since I was a child I have been in love with dressing up. There’s a kind of alchemy that occurs in a person, a transformation, that allows us to take on the world with the power of our own imaginations.

I wanted to play dress-up with some creative friends of mine and do a little photoshoot at my house. Collaboration is the best!”

You can check out the photos right below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram
Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram