Adam Lambert, the lead vocalist of Queen + Adam Lambert alongside his successful solo career, made an interview with Entertainment Tonight and opened up about Brian May’s, the lead guitarist of Queen, health status after his heart attack.

As you may remember, the co-founder and lead guitarist of Queen, Brian May had a heart attack, and he was in the hospital for a while back in May 2020. And after this incident, in an interview with The London Times, legendary guitarist Brian May revealed he had a stomach explosion following the heart attack he had earlier this year. Since then May has been in the recovery process and his health has its ups and downs.

Here is what Brian May said about the heart attack:

“It’s not something that did me any harm. It was about 40 minutes of pain in the chest and tightness and that feeling in the arms and sweating.

Long story short, my wonderful doctor drove me to the hospital himself.”

Adam Lambert recently made an interview with Entertainment Tonight and made an update about May’s current health status. Lambert stated that he has talked to May and he actually has been doing better since the incident.

Here is what Lambert said:

“I talked to him the other day and I think he is doing better, which is awesome. That kind of thing takes a minute to recover from, but I am so glad that he is OK.”

Adam Lambert also called this occurrence had ‘interesting timing,’ since Queen + Adam Lambert was supposed to be on tour this summer, yet the tour was canceled anyhow because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lambert also talked about the difficulties of touring for somebody who is healthy, let alone someone who is not in a good place.

Here is what Lambert said about touring:

“Who knows if we would have been on the road. That would have been very difficult, and I know that May got the medical attention that he needs and is fit as a fiddle.

One of the things about being on tour is that it is like a battery, and even though it requires a lot of energy it can be draining. Every time I am done with the tour and I come home, I almost always get a cold and am really tired because your body shuts down.”

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