The current live vocalist of the phenomenal rock band Queen, Adam Lambert has remarked on the issue he’s most concerned about during an interview while talking about the political impacts and the 2020 presidential election of the US.

As you know, the talented musician, Adam Lambert, has been renowned for his stance against the polity of the Republican Party and Donald Trump since the beginning of his presidency.

As the most crucial day for the future of America, as well as the whole world, has come by and the results of the election are being declared for each state hour by hour, Lambert has taken his Instagram account to reveal what he actually thinks about the current state of the US.

He shared a section from his former conversation about the overall politics in the world and emphasized the fact that it’s scary how politics create such polarized social implications.

Lambert said that he’s most concerned about the toxic social messages of the parties and the negative wave effect they create upon the citizens. He explained that certain people in our political situation divide society and lead to an absolute mess.

Here’s what Adam Lambert said in his recent stories on Instagram:

“I’m more interested in politics now than I ever have been. I’m still not an expert so I don’t like to go on record saying too much. But I always look at the social implications of political situations.

Both political situations in both countries have this negative wave effect that’s happening and I think that’s the thing that I’m the most concerned about.

If what you’re spreading is a message of intolerance and hate and division, it’s toxic, it’s toxic energy. Certain members of our political situation sort of dividing people and dogging people out. It’s an absolute mess.

But the silver lining is I think, I’m feeling it and I can see it, that more and more people are becoming more aware and I think that it’s going to galvanize more voters, more young people to come forward and push for a change. I’m hoping.”

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