Queen‘s current frontman Adam Lambert shared a statement via Instagram stories criticizing President Donald Trump over his interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan which he wasn’t able to give answers to most of the questions.

As you might know, President Donald Trump recently joined an interview with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan to discuss various topics ranging from coronavirus pandemic and the death of civil rights leader John Lewis. During the interview, Donald Trump made interesting claims about coronavirus pandemic, for instance, he stated too much COVID-19 testing was actually a bad thing.

The interviewer also wanted to hear the comments of Trump over the death of civil rights leader John Lewis. He claimed he didn’t know John Lewis since he didn’t come to Trump’s inauguration. The President also added nobody had done more for Black Americans than he did.

Trump’s statements during the interview were criticized by many people following its release. The iconic vocalist of Queen, Adam Lambert also didn’t remain silent on the issue and shared a statement via Instagram stories. Adam asserted that Trump was not able to reply to even the simple questions regarding the current issues in America.

Furthermore, Lambert claimed the supporters of Donald Trump must have been manipulated by him or had some benefits from his administration. Adam Lambert urged the supporters of Trump to ‘wake up‘ by watching the aforementioned interview and decide what kind of leader they would like to see in their country.

Here’s what Adam Lambert wrote on his recent statement:

“I’m in shock over this interview. He can’t even answer these simple questions. All he cares about is competing with other countries’ stats– not those who are suffering. He keeps missing every point.

Anyone who supports this man as POTUS is either not paying attention has been fully manipulated by this sociopath, or is a member of the hate groups he makes allowances for. Wake Up! Watch this interview and ask yourself if you think this is who you want in charge.”

You can see the statement Adam Lambert posted via Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambert – Instagram