One of the latest interviews of Adam Lambert has revealed by Express again and the interview showed some bold statements about Freddie Mercury.

Current live performance frontman of Queen, Adam Lambert has shared what he really thinks about the legendary frontman of the band, Freddie Mercury.

Here’s what Adam said:

“Freddie Mercury is one of my all-time heroes, a rock god. He is untouchable and irreplaceable and he is somebody that I feel that I have the privilege of honoring every time I take the stage with them.

I get to pay tribute to him, I get to celebrate him with all the fans and with Brian and Roger. So it’s a really special opportunity”

He continued:

“I feel like this last process of making music over the last couple of years, I feel full circle like I’m going back to the things that I fell in love with the music the first time.

When I first heard the albums that my mum and dad played around the house, as a kid, that’s when I first became aware of rock ’n’ roll and soul music, much of which was from the ‘70s. I think that became a part of my DNA.

And, of course, touring with Queen has also infused my musicality with their catalog of music. I think this upcoming album is a result of all of that and it’s a real reflection of my influences, more than ever.”

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