As you might all know, Adam Lambert and his ex-boyfriend parted ways last month due to Javi Costa Polo‘s education and business life in his own country that causes the couple not to see each other many times.

After they broke up, each member of that relationship continues to follow and like the other one’s posts on social media.

Today, Javi Costa Polo posted a recent photo on his Instagram Stories that shows him really close with his long-time friend Carlotta Colibazzi in public.

Here is the rare photo of Javi with Carlotta:

Earlier this month, Adam Lambert’s ex-boyfriend Javi Costa Polo shared a bunch of new videos on his official Instagram page and shared the astonishing moments he had with his friends.

As you might check out the video right below, Javi Costa reposted his friend named @gonebad‘s video but chose not to write anything.

Click here to watch the video.