The currently fronting member of Queen, Adam Lambert’s lovely boyfriend Javi Costa Polo posted a new photo on his official Instagram page. The famous model revealed how three people stared at him in public.

As you will see the post right below, his lovely boyfriend Adam Lambert liked the photo.

Here is what Javi Costa wrote:

“Don’t know why the guys in the back where staring but hope they enjoyed the view hahaha 📸@itstylerrowell #cominginhot #musicvideo”

A user named suzyemusiclover commented on the photo:

“Idk about them but I love u, Javi 💚 Just wanted to say that 🤗”

Another user, queen_being_queen:

“Because you’re very handsome, that’s why haha 😂❤️”

Here is the photo Javi Costa shared: