Queen star Adam Lambert’s boyfriend, Spanish model Javi Costa Polo has shared new professional photos of himself which reacted by fans with great an enthusiasm.

And also, we have say that, one of the people who liked that photo is Adam Lambert on Instagram.

Here’s what he wrote:

“N1 is me acting cool looking for them compliments and N2 is when they end up not complimenting you 📸 @itstylerrowell 💄 @toni_mua”

An Adam Lambert fan page on Instagram reacted to that photo with this comment:

“Just woooòw…. you are my angel 😍😭😍😭💜💜 I love youuu. Oh my God your eyes…😍😭 I wanna hug youuu”

Another fan named Jessie wrote:

“Wow gorgeous!! they should compliment you because damm!! 😋♥️ …why weren’t you in the superpower video? missed you in it…”

Check out the photos below.