Queen’s touring frontman Adam Lambert shared a new video on his official Twitter page today to announce that he collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on his recently released album named ‘Highlights From Cinderella’

The album named ‘Cinderella’ is now available on Universal’s official website as CD, Cassette, and special limited edition Vinyl set signed by Andrew. To celebrate the release of the album, Lllyod also giving away a pair of tickets to the show without the necessity of the purchase of the recording.

As Adam stated that he’s happy to be part of Andrew’s new song named ‘The Vanquishing of the Three-Headed Sea Witch,‘ he also shared a un unseen video footage from the recording session. According to the official statement of Lloyd which was released on Instagram, the song was removed from the live performance events that will be started on July 19, 2021.

Lloyd announced the release of the new album saying:

“I am thrilled to say that finally, the Cinderella album is out today. Created during lockdown last year, it features some of our incredible cast, and a few very exciting guest appearances from Adam Lambert, Helen George, and Todrick. I am very proud of this album so I hope you enjoy it!”

And here’s what Lambert wrote in the tweet he sent:

“So lovely to be part of Andrew Lloyd’s Cinderella album, listen to the song ‘‘The Vanquishing of the Three-Headed Sea Witch’ out now!”

You can check out the tweet and listen to the album below.