One of the most famous male models in Spain and also known as the ex-boyfriend of Adam Lambert of Queen, Javi Costa Polo, shared a couple of new photos on his official Instagram page today.

You may check out the photos right below that Javi looks really sad and depressive, especially on the first one. He indicated that he took these shots during his lunch break. One of the users who pushed the like button was his ex-boyfriend, Adam Lambert.

Here is what’s written on the caption:

“Decided to take some pictures during lunch break to say hi to my lovess 💕 also huge shoutout to @_diango for always being there to take them 🌚

A user named rosascobino14 commented on the post:

There’s a song here in Brazil that says: “You look like an angel, only you don’t have wings” … What a beautiful and angelic face🌹❤️”

Another Instagram follower, splintered13 made the most-liked comment:

“Now Javi… we need to have a serious talk.

I think it’s illegal to be this beautiful. 🥰”

You can check out these photos right below.