Queen’s current frontman, Adam Lambert‘s ex-boyfriend model, Javi Costa Polo, shared a screenshot of Donald Trump’s blocked tweet and wrote a caption as a response to everything that has been happening in the country.

After an unarmed black man, George Floyd, was arrested and died in police custody due to the police officer kneeling down on his neck until he couldn’t breathe, the American citizens have been protesting the incident and starting riots.

During the riots, the Minneapolis police station was set on fire, shops were being looted. Donald Trump called the protestors ‘thugs’ and threatened to shoot them on his Twitter account. Twitter blocked his tweet due to glorifying violence.

Many people reacted to Donald Trump’s response negatively, saying that they are looking for justice. Javi Costa Polo also reacted to Donald Trump’s tweet. He shared Trump’s blocked tweet’s screenshot on his Instagram Stories and wrote the caption:

“F*ck u”

You can see his Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Javi Costa Polo – Instagram Stories

Earlier this month, Adam Lambert revealed his thoughts on Donald Trump during an interview he had with CNBC. He criticized Donal Trump’s approach during the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that he makes things worse when he speaks.

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