The ex-boyfriend of American rockstar Adam Lambert, Javi Costa Polo, has posted a new photo on his Instagram Stories to show a moment from his casual day during self-quarantine over coronavirus outbreak.

Yesterday, Javi has posted another video in which he’s taking some captures from the outside of his home and fans thought that he’s breaking self-quarantine rule after this Instagram post.

Today, Javi has shared a new photo on Instagram Stories but this time, he wrote an explanation over the photo for shutting down the accusations that he doesn’t care about self-quarantine rule.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Back home. I went to stuck the fringe. Don’t bite me!”

See the screenshot of Javi’s Instagram Stories post below.

Photo Credit: Javi Costa Polo – Instagram

Three days ago, Javi has shared some photoshoots of himself and wrote an inspirational message to the people who are suffering from coronavirus and self-quarantine rule.  Here’s what he said:

“Hope everyone is doing good, missing you guys 💕 Tell me whatever you would like I am gonna have time this week to through the comments and chat a bit 🤓 Love you 💋”

Plus, Adam Lambert liked the message and photos. Click here to reach the original Instagram post of Javi.