Adam Lambert’s ex-boyfriend and famous model Javi Costa Polo has posted a new photo of himself on the official Instagram account, mesmerizing the followers by his rocking body, and Adam liked this photo!

As we all know, before months ago, Adam Lambert has split up with Javi Costa Polo, ending their long-time relationship but Adam Lambert is still following the handsome model and often likes his photos on Instagram.

In the photo, Javi showed off his rocking body while wearing a black transparent dress. It was a fashion-themed photo like the one he uploaded before on Instagram and Javi Costa made sure to keep his 25,2k followers in the loop.

Here’s what Javi Costa Polo captioned:

“No matter the distance, wherever you are. Even in death, I hope you always know. That I was here for you. And I’ll be here for you. For years to come 📸 @itstylerrowell @toni_mua.”

An Instagram user named veronicazotina commented and said this:

“No matter the distance, I want you to know. What deep down inside of me. Thank you 💜”

Another fan named gaylemattsson wrote this:

“I know I have said this before but he is a born natural 💖”

See the Instagram photo below.